The silence of winter’s prayer

Winter is the time of stillness and reflection. The snow mutes everything.
Everything is silent.
Of course there are the Christmas parties and lights and decorations for Christmas. But beyond that what is the real importance? How do you reflect on this time of Jesus’s birth? Do you pray in the stillness? Do you admire a snowflake and see God’s beauty in it? What do you do. It’s hard to admit that the season gets me down a bit. The lessening of the sun, The coldness that comes, the view of homeless people in the cold. The people who don’t even know who Jesus is and have no idea about the greatest gift he gave to us, himself. I think of the people whose family lives far away. It can be hard for many people. But as Christians we are to lift up our voices in prayer for these people. Pray for the homeless, pray for the jobless, pray for the ones whose family are far away. Come together as the body of Christ to pray life into those people. It is a long winter. Keep praying. And Merry Christmas.