Walking with the Lord

I’m on Facebook a lot. I mostly use it to communicate with likeminded Christians all over the country. I love to read how different people walk with the Lord. Some go to a near empty church to pray. Some walk through a meadow or sit on a park bench to talk to God. I like to stay up late reading the Word, and taking notes. However we pray we must make sure that we are sincere. And that we are right with God. If not, REPENT! God forgives us for our sins if we just go to Him. But we must remember that time is running short. Soon He won’t be the Forgiver but the Judge. So please perfect your walk with God, pray, and have faith. 


6 thoughts on “Walking with the Lord

  1. Wise thoughts Bridget! I used to be on Facebook years ago but it was getting to be too much. I’ve been meaning to ask. What is it like for you to be a plain young woman of color? I used to live in Santa Barbara and oh boy the stares I got. I’m sure people thought I was weird. We live a couple of hours from Phoenix and Flagstaff now and I get stares. I just smile(unless it’s a man) or I ignore them. I’m the only plain woman in my church and I wonder at times if the pastors are going to say something.


  2. Well I’m from NYC and there are a bunch of black Mennonites there, you just need to know where to look. Lol. But most people thought I was muslim. ( that was before I wore cape dresses exclusively) But when I moved to PA, I got lots of stares. Still do. People are curious. It’s like I’m Amish. I got mistaken for Amish by a cashier who said to me , ” Isn’t technology wonderful? It benefits so many people. ” 😳 I just got my stuff and kept going. Lol. Take the stares in stride. They mean no harm. But when I first got to Pa my old church referred to me as colored. It got corrected quickly. Some people are just not taught. Didn’t have any problems with my new church. (Both are Mennonite) Anyway, be blessed.


  3. I am the only one who covers in my church, and I often wonder if anyone will say something to me. Mostly, it’s just: “I like your hat”. 🙂

    My family is from NYC.

    May God Bless you.



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