The worst of luck

I must have the worst of luck. I love my new sewing machine and I made a pillowcase So far with the help of my friend Renée. But as I was ready to sew another project, the footpedal stopped working! It would go on and off sporadically. Finally it just would not go on. The power cord to the sewing machine and the footpedal are combined so I know it’s not the power because the light still goes on. The cord is fine too. So I called Singer and they are going to replace it. I hope the new one comes quickly because I really want to sew.

Back with an early Christmas surprise!

My dad decided to get me this awesome present for an early Christmas present. What is it? Well, it is used by many daily, and no one would have clothes without it. It’s a sewing machine!

I’m so excited to learn to sew! It took me over a half hour to figure out how to use the automatic threader and how to use the bobbin.

I want to make veils and smocks and jumpers! I’m so happy. 😃😍🤗

If anyone sews, show off your fav project or pattern!