The peacefulness

I’ve never experienced true peace like when I’m in the country surrounded by God’s creations. I went to Missouri this past fall to visit my friend and her 14 brothers and sisters. They live on 80 acres of land with a creek and animals. I’ve walked their land and just felt a peace. I feel the same when I go to Lancaster County. All that green in the summer, the quiet nights where there aren’t any fire trucks or police cruisers racing the streets, it’s crazy wonderful. I was born and raised in NYC. The closest thing we had to a farm was the petting zoo. So you’d think I’d prefer the city. Nope. I don’t appreciate the bugs in the country but that’s what bug spray is for. Lol.

I would love to own a little cottage on some land and commune with God. Not that you can’t commune in the city, but the awesomeness of nature is this: to realize that the God that made the mountains and streams, the clouds and stars and everything else, made me.

But whether or not you are in the country, you should take time out each day and read your Bible, pray and talk to God. I wish everyone the best.

2 thoughts on “The peacefulness

  1. We moved to the country in AZ last year after being city folks all our lives. I love being able to see the stars at night and just spending time taking in the beauty of God’s creation. Thanks for the reminder Bridget! How is your sewing coming along?


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