Still breathing

Sorry I’ve been MIA for months. I’ve been plagued by many issues in my life. Those who know me personally know how I don’t handle stress well. But the Lord is with me, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

I can’t wait till the changing of the colors of the leaves 🍁 🍂 and the cooler weather. I love fall.

Please pray for my finances. Without going into detail, I’d just like to say it’s getting harder to make ends meet. That’s it, discussion about my finances is over.

Also I was thinking of changing up my headcovering to a snood. Hopefully you know that is, but here’s a pic. It’s from

Isn’t it pretty? I’m gonna hint that I want one for Christmas. Lol.

Now tell me. What’s new in your neck of the woods?

4 thoughts on “Still breathing

  1. Hi Bridget! I’m glad to see you back. I just want to offer a quick suggestion regarding your finances. Get the book Tightwad Cassette which I think was written by a homeschool mom. It may be a little dated but it may help.
    Now let’s see what’s been going on since we last talked. My youngest graduated from homeschool. I’m a little sad I don’t have young ones anymore. So now all my girls are taking college classes at the local community college.

    I’m learning how to make a quilt and I’m not sure I like it yet. I prefer a good ole crochet hook and some yarn and I’m a happy camper. I bring a project to every doctor appointment because I get bored.

    Back in February our area experienced a huge snowstorm. When it was forecast the markets were so crowded with people buying food and supplies to prepare for being snowed in. Being from California it was a new experience for me.

    Well that’s all I can think of that’s happening with me. I hope you post more. Oh and that stood is very pretty!


    1. Hello Regina! I am happy to hear from you. I’m sorry it took so long to reply and put up a post. My life is complicated. But God provides. How are you doing concerning the virus? I pray for your safety.
      God bless sister.


      1. It’s always great to see a post from you Bridget. We are doing well here. I’m in Arizona and the governor is allowing things to open here. It will be so nice to shop at thrift stores again. We were at Hobby Lobby last week. I’ve never seen so many people happy to be shopping there again.😊
        How are you doing? How are things at church and are you all starting to meet again?


      2. I’m still very cautious about the virus. My cousin and his kids have it. My bank location closed because it wasn’t a drive thru. I miss hobby lobby. I don’t know if it’s open here. But it’s an hour’s drive. And I don’t drive. My church had online services. This weekend is the last as they are planning to reopen soon.


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