Have faith

I have been watching the 1st season of “The Chosen”. It’s the story of Jesus. It starts when he starts his ministry. It’s available on the App Store and google play. I deeply encourage you to watch it. It’s free. It’s run on donations so that if you wish, you can pay for someone’s viewing. It even tells you the name of the person who donated the episode to you.

Anyway I was so moved by this series that I actually cried a few times. Real, ugly, “forgive me Lord” tears. I remember my sins and beg for forgiveness for them. This series ignites my faith and reminds me that God does truly love us.

So have faith, and watch it.

This is Mary Magdalene in the story of The Chosen.

Be blessed my friends.

3 thoughts on “Have faith

  1. Thank you Bridget . I’ve heard a lot about this movie so we will be watching it. On a different note I wanted to ask about your hair care routine. You are the only woman of color I know who covers according to 1 Corinthians 11 and how do you wear you hair under your covering?


  2. You should move to Brooklyn nyc. There is a whole Mennonite church that is mostly women of color. Anyway, my hair is a confusing thing. I used to straighten it and blow dry and flat iron it so it laid flat under my veil. But for about 3 weeks I’ve been leaving my hair and actually encouraging it’s natural curl. I’m still learning and I have a lot of mistakes (not detangling when styling. So I basically wash my hair with ogx Argan oil of Morocco shampoo and conditioner ( Walmart has it) and my hair is so smooth now. It’s the best conditioner I’ve ever owned. *no endorsement here* (lol)
    To tie my hair under my covering I just tie up my hair either with a giant velvet scrunchy which makes my hair look fuller or a smaller on at the base of my neck for tighter look. If I’m wearing a snood I sometimes leave my hair down since you can’t see it under the snood. Oh the chosen is not a movie it’s a mini series.


  3. Thank you Bridget. I’ve often wondered all the years of covering and trying to best take care of my hair. I’ve read blog posts from Mennonite women on how they take care of their hair but none of them have been women of color. My hair gets so dry and I have dandruff I use a dandruff shampoo that strips my hair ( yikes!) so I have to use a deep conditioner by Shea Moisture and Carol’s Daughter hair Pomade and Shea Moisture leave in conditioner ( No endorsement here either😃).
    My hair is “bun challenged” so either I will put in in a braid or I will use a hair donut and pin my veil on.
    I keep thinking I would get a flat iron to straighten my hair or borrow my daughter’s flat iron but I don’t want to take so much extra time and I figure, well the Lord made my hair this way I might as well enjoy it. I use to have an electric pressing comb when my now adult girls were little and that thing was a pain!

    I hope you have another blog post coming soon as I enjoy reading them and they are a real encouragement to me.


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